Healthy Tips

How To Prepare Your Mouthwash At Home With Natural Ingredients

   Bad breath is a problem for many people. Regular brushing of teeth and the usage of mouthwash have a great contribution to solving this problem. Mouthwash maintains oral health and eliminates the bad breath. Unfortunately, mouthwash on the market is quite expensive and contains chemicals that can be harmful for the organism. 

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Most Important Uses Of Baking Soda In Beauty Treatments

Used primarily as a raising agent, baking soda began to be used widely after 1863 when Ernest Solvay discovered a more economical way of producing it. Besides his qualities as a raising agent, baking soda has other uses: it can be used for cleaning, cosmetics or to treat some diseases. 

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Lavender Lemonade For Headaches & Anxiety

   Lavender Lemonade is a perfect solution for you at times when you have headaches or suffer from anxiety! Lavender is a plant that has many benefits for your health and comfort. Lavender has curative effects such as sedative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, hypotensive, diuretic, sudorific, anti-inflammatory and healing. All of them have the ability to prevent and treat many diseases of …

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