3 Shades Of Lipstick That Optically Enhance Your Lips

Any woman can highlight her lips, even if she did not have Angelina’s genetic inheritance. Certain shades of lipstick can work wonders if you want fuller looking lips.
After experimenting with shades of pink, nude, reddish-brown and red, I realized that each shade of lipstick does something different for you. Some make your lips look bigger, others highlight your eye or skin color.
I also learned that lip preparation is also very important. Any lipstick you use will not look good if you have dry and chapped lips – in addition, they will look even smaller than they really are. Dehydration is the biggest enemy of beautiful lips.Read More

For a “full” look, make sure you drink enough water. If your lips are white, it is a sign that you are very dehydrated.
I also recommend that you do not go to bed without applying a moisturizing balm or a nourishing mask on your lips.
After making sure that you take care of your lips properly, you can move on to the second step: choosing the most suitable shades of lipstick for optical volume effect.

  • Medium nude with pink undertone
    The deep shades of salmon which have brown in composition but also pink undertone are only slightly darker than the natural shade of your lips, which allows you to subtly exceed the contour of the lips or blur them on the edge in order to create an optical volume effect. They mimic the appearance of lips that have been kissed for a few minutes and pump blood – yes, it sounds weird, but it works.
  • Nude beige with pink undertone
    Beige in general will make your lips look bigger because they “erase” the boundaries – they have the color of your skin, so you can cheat beyond the natural contour of the lips. I recommend a beige with a pink undertone, as Adriana Lima wears, because it is brighter and does not give the skin a pale appearance.
  • “Burnt” brick
    Not only nude lipsticks can help you get fuller lips. Even a strong shade can do this for you, as long as you choose the right tone. I recommend a brick-red with a brown undertone and a matte texture which allows you to easily overcome the contour of the lips. Then take an ear stick and pass it lightly over the edge of your lips so that the color fades – this will give an optical volume effect.