4 Books Recommended By Psychologists To Control Anxiety And Stress

Have you tried to get rid of negative emotions by all means, but still feel anxious and stressed? We understand you perfectly. It is normal to experience all kinds of moods during this period. However, if you want to manage them as well as possible and have a slightly better mood, there are many methods you can try. For example, how about some books for anxiety and stress?Read More

  1. Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now
    In this classic volume, adored by all followers of spirituality and personal development, Eckhart Tolle talks about mindfulness and gives you a fresh perspective on your life.
    “The Power of Now” is a bestseller that has helped millions of people overcome anxiety more easily. The key is to focus on the present moment, recognizing emotions, accepting them and understanding that they have no control over us, as long as we do not allow them to do so.
  2. Viktor Frankl – Man’s search for meaning
    Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl had horrific experiences in concentration camps, including Auschwitz. He lost his parents, brother and pregnant wife but somehow managed to process all these traumas and move on. It seems like a bleak scenario and you might be wondering if this is the right time to read such a volume. Well, the answer is yes, definitely. The lessons you will learn from this book are second to none.
    Frankl explains how it is not happiness that guides us and makes our lives beautiful, but the meaning we give to life. When you have a purpose and you know what you live for, any weight pales in the shadow of the ultimate goal.
  3. Rick Hanson – Buddha’s Brain
    If you are looking for books on anxiety and stress, this book will give you all the answers you need. What would Buddha do and think in these times?
    “When you change your brain, you change your life” is the motto of this book. The authors turn to Buddhist philosophy and psychology to teach you how to be present, how to meditate and how to call for more peace and more calm in your life
  4. Angela Duckworth – GRIT. The power of passion and perseverance
    Another book recommended by psychologists is this comprehensive volume on what perseverance can do. The author is the daughter of a scientist who often complained about her “lack of talent.” Angela tells her story full of passion and shows you that talent is not the key to success.
    Results do not only appear when you have a special talent. Not even just when you work hard! In fact, the secret is a combination of strong passion and long-term perseverance. So, don’t stress that things are not the way you want them to be right now. Work every day for your goal and the results will appear!