4 Mental Limitations Related To Money That Sabotage You

A determining factor of your financial success is based on the mentality you have about money.
No matter how hard you work and how much money you make, if you allow deep-rooted beliefs about money to limit you, you will never be able to enjoy prosperity and a financially fulfilling life. These beliefs come either from childhood, from habits or experiences related to money gained over time, the influence of other people or one’s own observations.
These beliefs make you say things like:Read More

“I will never be able to buy a house…”
“I can’t afford to go on a vacation…”
“I can’t raise money at my expense…”

Through these thoughts and beliefs you practically seal your destiny without even realizing it and don’t give yourself a chance to try to change your financial circumstances.

How do you find out what beliefs limit you?
It can be frustrating to struggle to be financially successful without first identifying what keeps you going. But how exactly do you do that? For starters, try to answer the questions below.
As a child, when you asked for money from your parents, were you always told that you didn’t have enough money?
At religion class, were you told that money is the devil’s eye?
What impact did the community you grew up on had on your mentality about money?

To make it even easier for you to identify the beliefs that prevent you from enjoying financial prosperity, you can find a list of 4 below.
All my problems would be solved if I had more money
You are convinced that your life will be much more beautiful and happier only if you manage to accumulate enough money. You never think you have enough and you want more every time. For this reason, you tend to prioritize work at the expense of family life because you are firmly convinced that only if you work as much as humanly possible you’ll be able to gather as much as you need.
It’s important for people to know that I have money
In your mind, your value as a person is defined by the bank account. You’re always making sure to buy the latest things from popular brands that everyone knows about. This way you show people that you are successful and this way they will admire and respect you more. You often tend to buy more than you need just to give the world the impression of your success.
I don’t have money, I’m poor, I have to be careful with every penny
The subject of money causes you anxiety, you struggle hard to save and you are convinced that you do not have enough for emergencies or dark days. You are convinced that you have to work hard for every single penny and you do not expect to be lucky from this point of view.
Money does not bring happiness, only greedy people always think about money
You tend to see money as something negative and a source of fear, anxiety or disgust. You are convinced that those who have money are greedy or that money is the source of evil in this world. That’s why you don’t pay attention to how you spend the money you have and often make risky financial choices: you don’t save, you throw your money at less important things and you don’t think about the future from this point of view.

The good news is that you can always change these mental scenarios that self-sabotage you. They are not permanent. The first step is to become aware of them, then start working on changing your own perceptions and act in a different way.