5 Winter Skin Care Tips

   During winter, the skin needs special care in order to deal with the low temperatures outside. The main problems in winter are excessive drying and peeling, dull appearance, red and rough skin and lack of elasticity or the occurrence of eczema and wounds. This is why your skin needs a cosmetic shield to keep it healthy. Of course, the most exposed areas are neck, lips and hands which are also the best indicators of age. Therefore, we believe they deserve attention and extra care regardless of the season.  Read More

  1. Do not neglect your lips!

   Lip skin is more sensitive and therefore requires special care. Get rid of the habit of passing the tongue over your lips to moisten them because this process dries them. Instead, you cand cover them with a scarf in order to be protected from cold and wind. Also, make sure to always have a lip balm in your bag.

  1. Protect your hands!

   The specialists say that twoe simple steps are enough for the comfort of hands. Use a moisturizing glycerin cream well massaged into the skind and wear warm gloves.

  1. Be more careful with your hair

   In most cases, in winter, the hair becomes brittle and dry. A leave-in conditioner will defend it against drying.

  1. Avoid products that contain alcohol

   Whether we talk about hair care or body care products, try as much as possible to avoid those with alcohol. When it evaporates, appears the reviving feeling, but also the cooling. Given that we are exposed to the cold air outside, we should not rattle it from all sides.

  1. Avoid hot showers

   Although hot showers are more than welcome in winter, do not forget they can affect dry skin that is exposed anyway cold air outside. It is best to use lukewarm water and then continue the relaxation process with applying a moisturizer.


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