6 Elegant Perfumes That Will Be In Trend In 2020

Perfumes are and will always be fashionable. We like to refresh ourselves with floral notes or to get lost in sweet and romantic notes. But, like fashion, perfumes are cyclical.
If in the ’80s floral perfumes were worn mainly, and in the’ 90s the emphasis was on fresh and aquatic perfumes, in the present we definitely have a much more complex mix.
The biggest perfume houses in the world emphasize fashion and style. They follow current trends in any field and adapt!
So, here are six trends in perfumery for 2020!Read More

Fruity notes
The fruity notes are always inviting. We like to enjoy the aroma and freshness of fruits, especially exotic ones and we like to wear their sweet and fragrant aromas. The notes that contain the fruit of passion, rhubarb or blackcurrant are at the top of the list of trends in perfumery for 2020. These perfumes challenge our senses and make us think about romantic experiences.
Coffee notes
Perfume houses are inspired by people’s lifestyles, which is why some notes of perfume come from the world of foods and drinks. Sometimes the flavors are inspired by the wellbeing lifestyle. New flavors are tested and bold and innovative perfumes are launched. Coffee notes are at the top this year as well because they are highly appreciated by perfume lovers.
Sustainable notes
The world of perfumes is constantly growing and developing and transparency is becoming more and more important. As more and more care is taken for the environment, consumers are eager to know the stories behind perfumes. Thus, it is important for large perfume houses to reveal the sustainable ingredients they use in their perfumes and what impact they have on local communities.
Green notes inspired by nature
Nature is a continuous source of inspiration. It means life, vitality and freshness. It offers us all the best which is why perfume houses must focus on ingredients that reflect these qualities.
Patchouli notes
Patchouli aroma is intense and sensual, being used for centuries in the perfumery industry. This essence alleviates anxiety and depression and has aphrodisiac effects. The perfumes enriched with patchouli aroma invigorate the senses and create a feeling of harmony. Patchouli is what must define the most trends in perfumery for 2020.
Leather notes
Symbol of natural luxury, the smell of leather is soft and sensual. It evokes memories, comfort and physical closeness. This note is unisex which is why it is used in combination with other notes. The most appreciated are the perfumes that combine the leather notes with the woody, fruity or sweet ones.