9 Unconscious Gestures Through Which You Can Understand That A Man Likes You

What does “non-verbal communication” mean to you? Most people understand this phrase as a way to communicate through facial expressions which can express hidden emotions. This phenomenon is very important in the relations between sexes. What cannot be said in words is expressed through gestures.
So, according to some manifestations you can understand how the man treats you. Moreover, through gestures you can understand if he loves you. In most cases men are using the non-verbal mode of communication to express their feelings towards the woman they like.
1) When a man looks a woman in the eye it means that he is more interested in her than others. It’s a kind of game where he tries to tell her the most important thing.
2) If the man tries to touch the woman by mistake, for example, during a walk, this suggests that he is not indifferent to her. It can be a touch light shoulder or hair touch.
3) If during the conversation the man tries in every possible way to approach the woman, then you can be sure that he is in love. Especially if the man is trying to get as close as possible.
4) If during communication with the woman, the man’s eyebrows rise, it means that he sympathizes with her.
5) When the man constantly touches his nose or lips, he talks about his predisposition towards the woman with whom he communicates and she pays attention to these gestures, the man becomes nervous and this betrays his feelings even more.
6) If at the date the man twists something in his hands, touches the buttons or the collar of his shirt, he wants to show the woman that she will not find one better than him. The desire to be pleasing betrays the man’s true feelings.
7) The position of the conqueror (legs wide open and hands in pockets) indicates that the man wants to be to the liking of the woman he has chosen for himself.
8) While telling a joke, the man watches the woman’s reaction. This speaks to the fact that he likes her.
9) When in a restaurant the man takes a relaxed position, it means that he intends to take serious actions in relation to the woman he likes.