DIY Serum For The Eyelashes And Eyebrows Growth

Endless eyelashes are the culmination of sensuality meanwhile eyebrows fit your face and their shape can change your entire physiognomy. Both have a crucial importance in the expressiveness of the face and the finalization of any type of makeup, hence the obsession created around them. Although we can blame the genetic heritage for most traits, there are other factors contributing to the look of the eyelashes and eyebrows, and guess what! It’s just us. Hair grows and loses its vitality with aging, poor care and overwork to which we expose ourselves for the sake of beauty cannons (fake eyelashes, etc.).Read More

What wonderful would it be if there was a magical formula that would contribute to the elongation of the eyelashes and the thickening of the eyebrows! Until the patenting of such a solution, we can resort to some natural remedies that manage to make a real difference. Do not expect a transformation overnight or a miraculous change. Expect, instead, neat eyelashes and eyebrows that look great and regenerate as they are treated with this homemade serum for eyelashes and eyebrows growth:

1 teaspoon aloe vera
2 teaspoons of organic castor oil
2 capsules of vitamin E (oily)

Add a teaspoon of aloe vera and two teaspoons of castor oil in a bowl. Cut two capsules of oily vitamin E and pour the oil over the other ingredients. Mix well with a silicone brush until all the composition is well homogenized. Pour the serum into a hermetically sealed container and store it in a cool space for up to a month.

Brush your eyelashes and eyebrows with this serum every night, letting it act overnight.