Do you have dry, cracked heels? Here’s a quickly way to combat this problem!

Dry and cracked heels represent a common problem. For many people, this is a purely cosmetic problem, but by neglecting them can lead to more serious things. The fissures deepen, the skin begins to bleed and discomfort turns into pain. Read More

The main causes of cracking heels are represented by a frequent wearing of sandals, improper hygiene and deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It occurs the keratinization phenomenon, a  normal physiological phenomenon, after which living cells of the epidermis turn into squamous, death cells  filled with protein called keratin.

There is a simple remedy that can help you solve this problem. In 3 liters of hot water add half a cup of baking soda. Stir until the baking soda is dissolved, then keep your feet in this solution for 30-45 minutes. Then rinse your feet, apply a moisturizer and put your socks on. Perform this treatment daily until you notice visible results.



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