Homemade Scrub with Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil and Rose Petals

   Our skin needs care and for this purpose we must, periodically, apply scrubs on both body and face. Scrubs help to exfoliate dead skin layers, tone the skin and improve  peripheral vascularity preventing this way the ingrown hair. However, most often due to lack of time we use creams and scrubs from the market.  Read More

Natural creams, however, are much healthier and do not contain chemicals which is why we encourage you to seek natural solutions. If you use scrubs prepared at home, you know for sure what ingredients contain and how fresh they are.

Below is a efficient scrub recipe that has miraculous effects.

   This is an exfoliant that requires more than one ingredient but the combination is definitely worth it. It will cleanse, soothe and refresh your skin.

   Ingredients needed:  half cup brown sugar, one cup coconut oil, a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and a handful of rose petals. Make the scrub a few days before usage. In a jar pour the coconut oil and mix it with the sugar and the rose petals. Then, pour the almond oil. Mix them well until they smooth. Apply it on the body before shower  and massage gently with circular movements. This is a very aromatic scrub, excellent for the skin.