How To Prepare Your Mouthwash At Home With Natural Ingredients

   Bad breath is a problem for many people. Regular brushing of teeth and the usage of mouthwash have a great contribution to solving this problem. Mouthwash maintains oral health and eliminates the bad breath. Unfortunately, mouthwash on the market is quite expensive and contains chemicals that can be harmful for the organism. Read More

     Here’s how you can prepare mouthwash at home, easily and quickly.

  1. Mint and myrrh mouthwash

   This mouthwash is very effective if you have problems with bleeding gums or you tend to develop ulcers. The mouthwash effect is reinforced by the use of tincture of myrrh applied directly to the gums. Put your two drops of tincture of myrrh on your finger and rub it on the affected area. It will smell bad and will be very bitter, but the healing effect will deserve to bear, because the results are miraculous.


90 ml of good quality vodka,

10 drops of tincture of myrrh,

10 drops of peppermint oil,

2 drops of lemon juice,

1 drop of tincture of thyme.

    Pour the amount of vodka in a bottle of 100ml. Carefully add the essential oils, one by one. Shake the bottle so the ingredients can mix. Apply a label and the mouthwash is ready to be used. To ready a dose for use, mix 2-3 teaspoons of mouthwash with half a glass of warm water and mix well. Now you can use mouthwash made at your house.

  1. Baking soda mouthwash

  Mix 6 tablespoons of water, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, 1 drop of peppermint oil, 1 drop of tea tree oil. This homemade mouthwash fights bad breath and leaves a fresh feeling in your mouth.

  1. Aloe vera mouthash

   This mouthwash contains 40% aloe vera and 60% honey (plus other ingredients in small quantities). First, chop the aloe vera and mix it with honey and a little lemon juice. Then, leave it to macerate for a week. For an even better effect, you can add in the composition a few cloves. If you want to simplify the recipe because you don’t want to wait a week, instead of aloe vera leaves, you can buy aloe vera juice and add all the ingredients mentioned above.