How To Wash Your Face Correctly. A Dermatologist Reveals The 3 Most Common Mistakes

Every woman’s skin needs a well done cleansing and skincare routines are increasingly studied. However, it seems that we make a lot of mistakes without realizing it!Hand washing is mandatory before washing the face
It’s late at night, you’re home and you’re very tired. You go to the bathroom to remove your makeup. Apply micellar water or cleanser on a cotton pad, then clean your face. Apply the cleansing gel, rinse with water and you are ready to go to bed!Read More

Do you notice anything wrong in the above routine? It seems simple and natural but many people omit thorough hand cleaning. Before touching your skin, you should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
This step keeps bacteria, microbes and dust away. Otherwise, you may experience acne or rashes without even realizing their cause.

Do not dry your skin by rubbing and do not use a universal towel
Dermatologists would say this loudly and clearly, non-stop, to all women: “do not wipe your skin with vigorous rubbing movements!”. Even if it seems like a quick and effective way to dry your face after washing, skin aggression with a rough towel has a lot of negative consequences – increased sensitivity, burning sensation, irritation and the list goes on.
Also, using a universal towel which you also use for your body, hands or hair can cause serious skin problems. Not to mention the common use of a towel by several people!
The best solution, according to dermatologists is to have a special towel dedicated to the face skin which is used only by you and which you change often enough. After washing your face, cover the skin with a towel, in gentle movements. Thus, the skin will be ready for the application of a moisturizer and for a restful sleep!

Soap is not the equivalent of a cleansing gel
Many women feel that if they do not have problematic skin, there is no need to pay too much attention to it. Therefore, they choose to wash their face with soap and water.
Well, dermatologists believe that using soap is the biggest mistake you can make. Standard soap does not have a neutral pH as a special solution for cleansing the skin does, so it can adversely affect the face skin.
Thus, if you wash your skin with soapm it can dry or irritate. Moreover, in the long run, the natural protective barrier can be damaged, making your face sensitive.
Therefore, choose to use a special skin cleanser, as gentle as possible. Apply it in the evening, after cleansing, or even in the morning, after moistening your face with water.