Lavender Lemonade For Headaches & Anxiety

   Lavender Lemonade is a perfect solution for you at times when you have headaches or suffer from anxiety! Lavender is a plant that has many benefits for your health and comfort. Lavender has curative effects such as sedative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, hypotensive, diuretic, sudorific, anti-inflammatory and healing. All of them have the ability to prevent and treat many diseases of emotional and physical nature. Read More

   How to prepare lavender lemonade?

 -1 Cup of honey

 -5 Cups of water

 -1 Tablespoon dried culinary lavender

  -juice from 6 lemons

  -a few  lavender sprigs to garnish

    In 1/2 boiled water add the honey and dry lavender and wait 20 minutes. Then, stir and strain the resulting mixture and pour it into a large bowl. Add the lemon juice and the remaining water. Mix well, put the bowl in refrigerator and leave it there 3-4 hours.

            Enjoy it!lavender

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