Long Walks Help The Silhouette! How To Lose Weight By Walking Regularly!

Everyone is different and there are no sports that suit everyone, so you can try several variants to identify those types of movement that are good for you, make you happy or at least seem supportive. Without movement, however, the body cannot function at optimal parameters and the psyche also has to suffer.
There is, however, a type of movement that any healthy person can practice, alone or accompanied: walking or walking. It is said that by going 10,000 daily steps (about three miles) you can lose up to 1 pound a week.
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Walking and running are, in fact, the most common forms of movement. People who jog say they are amazed at how many advantages they have identified by practicing this type of movement and before that they did not conceive they needed it in their lives. If for jogging you need special sports shoes, a nearby park or a suitable track, special equipment for healthy sweating, well, for walking you only need the mood for movement and some free time to do it.
It’s not superfluous to have some comfortable shoes, but they can be from the outdoor series, not necessarily for resistance to soil impact. You can walk outdoors in the park, but also in the vicinity of the house, through the city, in neighbourhoods that are not yet know or you are familiar with, in crowded areas or quiet areas, in malls, in markets.
Both jogging and walking are popular forms of movement that do not require much investment. You burn calories but also take advantage of the time with you to think of different things or, on the contrary, to free your mind. Walks are easier to practice, so many will prefer them. You do not need to do 10,000 steps a day from the beginning, but it’s important to walk as much as you can. You can use a pedometer if you want to count your steps or you can set routes to allow you to approximate the number of steps you need.
Walking is preferable for many, as it has less impact on the organism than running, especially on joints. Walking is also easier then jogging but it also has many benefits. It can help you regulate the extra kilogram problems, cholesterol, tension, reduces the risk of diabetes and improves your mood. In addition, after an evening walk, for example, you have a much more restful sleep. Quite a lot of advantages if you think all you have to do is walk.
How often should you walk to lose weight
Take into account your physical condition. If it’s been a long time since you’ve made a move, avoid long walks. Start with short intervals (10-15 minutes) and go at moderate speed.
Initially, you can walk 2 times a week and gradually increase the frequency of this activity. The most important aspect is not to interrupt the routine.
If you manage to take a walk of at least 30 minutes each day and adopt a proper diet, you will lose about 20 pounds in 5 months.
Here are a few tips on how to walk to lose weight
Go for a walk in nature.
After consulting a doctor, set a clear goal and do not overdo it.
Under no circumstances should you interrupt your routine. If you do not have the opportunity to take a walk all week, reorganize your schedule and set small goals.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Do not forget to perform the warm up exercises for at least 5 minutes before starting to walk.
Pay big attention to what you eat. Reduce your intake of fat and implement various healthy eating habits.
Maintain an appropriate posture. The back should be straight, the abdomen contracted and the arms relaxed.
Keep your breath under control. Inspire and expire according to the rhythm of the walk.