“Skin Fasting” Or Skin Detox: Does It Really Help Not To Apply Any Product On The Skin?

You may have already heard of “skin fasting”, the trend that became popular since last year. But do you know what it means? This is a relatively new trend in skin care. Skin fasting or “starving” is a skin detox that you do when you choose not to apply anything on your face. Following this “starvation” your skin will have time to regenerate and become healthy. Specialists claim that when you remove cleansing gels, moisturizers and serums from your care routine, the skin’s protective barrier is regulated the toxins are eliminated. This does not happen naturally when you apply daily care products, warn specialists, and therefore it is very useful to give your skin a break.

Skin fasting or skin detox: how to do it

Some experts believe that we can not give up absolutely all care products, even when we opt for skin fasting. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to give up everything, even if you’re a fan of skin fasting. The skin cleansing step is an essential one in the daily care ritual because it helps in removing perspiration, bacteria and dust. This prevents premature aging of the skin “, explains for vogue.co.uk dermatologist, Anjali Mahto.

What to look out for

Another aspect that the dermatologist highlights is the fact that we cannot give up only the cleansing stage but also the skin protection from solar radiation. By applying creams with UV protection the skin is protected against the harmful effects of solar radiation. “Depending on the type of skin, giving up the cream with a protective uv factor can worsen skin pigmentation. Also, in the absence of regular exfoliation, dead cells can accumulate “, warns the dermatologist.

Use fewer products

Most experts believe that it would be preferable to use a minimum of care products rather than resorting to skin fasting or skin starvation. When it comes to skin care more does not mean better, explains Nicolas Travis, founder of Allies of Skin. “Our skin is specially designed to eliminate what is not useful. When the skin is loaded with layers of cosmetics, not only do you waste time and money but you also destroy the skin’s protective barrier. Skin cleansers, those with a protective factor, and others that contain key ingredients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, ceramides, peptides, acids and retinol should not be removed from your daily care routine.