Stretching: Benefits For Mind And Body

Our body is very versatile. Naturally, it needs to be even more flexible. You must have the ability to perform simple tasks such as lifting an object from the ground or zip up your favorite dress. These are very simple daily tasks and movements. There is nothing extraordinary about them, just a little stretching to fulfill them. However, these tasks may sometimes seem quite difficult. This is when stretching exercises become imperative: for the body and the mind.
Stretching has many benefits and is recommended to be part of a daily exercise program:
Improving flexibility. As we age, muscles tend to atrophy, and this leads to restriction of flexibility. Consequences include low mobility, slow movements, tissue injuries and ligament dislocations. Stretching is extremely effective in improving flexibility and mobility.
Increasing the performance and efficiency of long-term training. Due to the fact that stretching helps to achieve better muscle and joint mobility, the other exercises performed during training will be performed in a much easier and more correct way.
Improving body posture. Most of the time, the defective posture of the body appears when we have tension in the muscles, which makes us more rigid. Stretching helps to eliminate the discomfort caused by muscle tension and to correct the posture of the body.
Stretching stimulates blood circulation. At the same time, good blood circulation eliminates residues from the body and helps to recover faster in case of injuries. Also, after a light stretching session, the body is ready for movement and the risks of injury are considerably reduced.
Improving cardiac activity. Stretching exercises are also effective for lowering blood pressure and improving blood function.
Relaxation. Performing stretching exercises generates the release of endorphins, which induce a state of happiness, calm and good mood and help you relax. For this reason, 5 minutes of stretching in the morning, before starting the day or evening, to have a restful sleep, are more than indicated.