Swollen And Tired Eyes: What Foods Should You Avoid?

Even if you slept well, did you wake up in the morning with swollen and tired eyes? What foods should you avoid and what foods can help you?
These are the questions that Brightside tried to find the answer to.
Beyond insufficient sleep, the food you eat can also be responsible for swollen and tired eyes. Apparently common foods which you eat every day can be the cause of unpleasant bags that hang under your eyes.
Here are some foods to avoid so you don’t wake up in the morning with swollen and tired eyes:

  • Canned food
    Chickpeas and black beans contain a lot of salt used in the preservation process. Excess sodium can cause many health problems and can make your eyes swollen and tired. Therefore, it is recommended that, before consuming them, rinse them with plenty of water to remove excess salt.
  • Tomatoes contain solanine
    This substance is known to cause inflammation. If you usually wake up with swollen and tired eyes, try to eliminate tomatoes from your diet. If you get rid of the bags under your eyes, it means that you have identified the culprit.
  • Sugar is one of the foods with the highest inflammatory potential
    Inflammation around the eyes is most easily visible because in this area the skin is thin and prone to swelling. For your health, avoid or reduce sugar consumption as much as possible. Artificial sweeteners are just as dangerous because they also cause bloating.
  • Just like tomatoes, hot peppers contain solanine
    In addition, they contain a compound called capsaicin which can cause tissue burns and inflammation that are most easily seen in the eyes.
    Foods that prevent eye swelling
    It contributes to the cleansing of the kidneys by evacuating the excess water from the body. If you wake up in the morning with swollen and tired eyes, try to include parsley in your diet.
    If your eyes are swollen and tired, you can start eating oatmeal for breakfast. One of the reasons that lead to swelling of the eyes is constipation. Oatmeal has a high fiber content which facilitates bowel movement.
    Instead of eating it, you can apply avocado slices directly on the eyes. You may have swollen and tired eyes due to vitamin K deficiency. Avocado has a high content of vitamin K, about 8% of the recommended daily dose.
    Applying cucumber slices on the eyes is an excellent way to refresh swollen and tired eyes. Apply cucumber slices on the eyes for 15 minutes and the dark circles will disappear.