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How To Detoxify Your Armpits With Natural Ingredients 

Breast cancer – this terrible disease is one of the leading causes of death among many women around the world. Women, especially those aged between 35-54 are susceptible to this disease. Experts in the field, as well as herbal medicine are making efforts to find solutions to heal breast cancer. But nobody mentions the causes that trigger this unrelenting disease. …

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Detoxify your body with garlic and lemon

Maybe it doesn’t sound so good starting your day with a garlic & lemon drink but by the end of this detox diet you’ll immediately feel the beneficial effects that garlic has on the body. Try it! Both foods have beneficial effects: lemon stimulates digestion, kills bacteria and the antioxidant content has a therapeutic effect. Not to mention the garlic, …

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Why You Should Do Body Wraps

   Today, in the pursuit of beauty women resort to various methods of beautification. The method of wraping is well known among women because  it brings effective results in just a few weeks. Wraps are very effective for quick and healthy weight loss, detox, cellulite removal, alleviation and cure of stretch marks. 

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