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The Perfumes Celebrities Choose To Wear: 5 Seductive Options

Do you need inspiration in choosing your new perfume?See what the stars are wearing and you will definitely find some inspired ideas. Whether you prefer floral, delicate and feminine aromas or sexy, masculine and strong fragrances, you have a lot of options. Meghan Markle – Jo Malone Wild BluebellSince becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has been forced to be …

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6 Elegant Perfumes That Will Be In Trend In 2020

Perfumes are and will always be fashionable. We like to refresh ourselves with floral notes or to get lost in sweet and romantic notes. But, like fashion, perfumes are cyclical.If in the ’80s floral perfumes were worn mainly, and in the’ 90s the emphasis was on fresh and aquatic perfumes, in the present we definitely have a much more complex …

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