Tapes To Remove Blackheads

  Blackheads usually occur due to expansion of pores, creating the right environment for abundant secretion of sebum accumulation. You do not need those tapes to remove blackheads, which are effective but quite expensive. Learn to make them your own! Read More

How to make your own tapes to remove blackheads:

  Mix one egg white and one teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Beat well until they begin to form a foam.

  In a paper towel break pieces of desired size. You will need one for nose , one for  forehead and one for chin.

  Dip pieces of tissue in egg and lemon mixture. You must stick to the face immediately or he will dry very quickly.

  That’s all! In 20-30 minutes, when the bands come off the face, should himself and blackheads.

  Egg white proteins absorb excess sebum from the skin and constricted, reducing large pores and blackheads are formed there. Take this mask every night for a week to see results.


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