The 3 Skincare Ingredients That Celebrities Use To Look 10 Years Younger

Hollywood stars don’t seem to grow old like us ordinary mortals. They have firm skin without pronounced wrinkles, even at the age of 50 and Jennifer Lopez is one of the best examples.
It is true that many factors are involved in maintaining cellular youth: genetics, nutrition, sports, laser facial treatments. And we have to admit, many celebrities also use botox and fillers to look great even after 40 years.
However, there are handy solutions for us as well – more precisely, the strong, clinically proven ingredients in our care creams.
So here is the cocktail of ingredients that celebrities use for younger skin:Read More

Vitamin C
Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr – all these celebrities rely on vitamin C to delay skin aging. We are talking about a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the negative effects of environmental factors: solar radiation and pollution. Also, vitamin C lightens the pigment spots and helps in formation of collagen, so that the skin looks “full”, firm, without wrinkles. Undoubtedly, your care routine should include a serum or cream with vitamin C

I don’t think retinol needs introduction. It is the best alternative to botox and fillers because it works by slowly changing the layers of superficial skin and “wiping” expression wrinkles. Clinical trials have also shown that retinol improves skin firmness and has miraculous effects on acne and dilated pores.
Although celebrities use expensive creams that contain it, the truth is that nowadays retinol is available to anyone – it has become so popular that even affordable brands have created impressive formulas that do not make you bankrupt
However, being a re-texturing ingredient, you will need to give your skin time to get used to it and gain tolerance. If you have not used retinol before, I recommend you apply it twice a week at the beginning, over the serum with hyaluronic acid.

You find it surprising that the protection factor is in this small club, right? Well, sunscreens play an extremely important role in maintaining the youth of the skin. Celebrities do not leave the house without applying a sunscreen before makeup and this protects their skin from solar radiation that does huge damage over time: wrinkles, pigment spots, dilated pores. Yes, it took me a while to discover that UV rays have a negative effect even on the pores.
Use a cream with a minimum SPF 30 and be careful not to expose yourself directly to the sun if possible. Actress Julianne Moore said that the sun is the biggest enemy of her skin so she convinced her husband to let her walk on the shady side when they go for a walk.