The Simplest Tricks That Make You Look Younger

You don’t have to resort to expensive cosmetic treatments or expensive beauty products to look younger. A few simple tricks are enough.
Always use SPF
To prevent premature aging, the secret is to protect yourself from the sun. “Ultraviolet rays degrade collagen and elastin,” dermatologist Margarita Lolis told Apply SPF 30 cream daily regardless of the season or whether it is a sunny day or not.Read More

Lighten your hair color
Choose a hair shade two tones lighter than the natural color of your hair. Dark hair shades make your skin look duller because as you age, your skin gradually loses its pigment.
Increases your hair volume
Add volume by applying a volume spray to the roots, especially on the top of the head, where the hair usually loses its volume.
Choose tops in light, intense shades
A top in a light, warm shade is ideal to give your skin an extra color and brightness. Opt for shades of red, pink, fuchsia, orange or colors that have shades of red.
Lighten your eyes
Apply a creamy eyeshadow, slightly shiny, which has an eye-lighting effect. Avoid powder makeup because they tend to accumulate in the eye creases which accentuates wrinkles and fine lines.
Wear interesting necklaces
Oversized necklaces, especially those in intense shades, have the ability to add color and highlight your skin. Choose them when you wear an outfit in a dark shade to give color and personality to your look.
Intensely moisturize your skin
Sebum production decreases with age. Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin that has the role of keeping it hydrated and protecting it from environmental factors. Dry skin will always look older which is why hydration is so important. Mix a drop of natural oil with your foundation to give your skin an extra natural glow. Try jojoba oil which has a sebum-like structure.
Contour your lips
Lips thin out over time but you can “mimic” the effect of full lips using a nude lip pencil. Choose a color as close as possible to the natural shade of your lips, then outline the lip line before applying the lipstick.