Top 3 Qualities Of Men That Women Underestimate

We often talk about love. We talk about qualities almost as much. What is certain is that sometimes we focus on the negative ones and forget to really appreciate what the other one has to offer us. And for all these reasons we talk about what we want from each other. We talk about what we want from a partner and we talk about those qualities of men that we consider ideal.
I know that things related to appearance, chemistry and maybe even social status seem more important when you are looking for a partner, but in the long run it matters more how that person makes you feel.
Below you will find the 3 qualities of men that you have underestimated so far:Read More

  1. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    Emotional intelligence (EQ) is what you don’t know you want in a relationship, until you notice the lack of it. Emotional intelligence is the ability to pay attention to the emotions and feelings of the person next to you. It means being able to realize what impact your words and actions have on the people you interact with and especially on the person you love. A person who has increased emotional intelligence can openly express his feelings and is aware of the consequences of everything he does.
  2. The feeling of comfort
    It may seem a little more difficult to describe, but it is a quality that you will definitely want to find in your partner. The feeling of comfort appears when you feel good next to him. It appears when you feel safe and when you have full confidence in him. He gives you warm, positive emotions and you are sure that your place is next to him. You feel that you are part of a whole and that in his arms you will always be protected.
  3. Opening
    This word offers many meanings. When you say about a person that he is open, you can consider a lot of things. No matter what qualities you associate with this word, you want your partner to be open. This means that he is open to you, that he has a positive mindset and that he is open to love. Regardless of his principles, you need a person who can accept the opposite of the things he believes in. A tolerant man who can understand your point of view has more chances to make you happy for life.