What Do We Read During This Period? Our Recommendation: My Children!

We hope you are well and you follow the instructions of social distancing. We know that it is not exactly a good time to stay in the house, considering that spring seems to be asking us to admire its beauty, but it is for our own good to respect the instructions of the authorities.
Besides, when was the last time you enjoyed such a long time at home? Many times you may have wanted the weekend to last as long as possible, and now we can say that in a way it is a wish that has come true. If you work from home, you probably already have an established schedule, and the rest of the time, you can do things you enjoy.Read More

You can finally organize the dressing as you wanted. Or you can do a general spring cleaning, which you have been postponing for some time. Start doing exercise, even if it may be hard for you: start with 10 minutes a day if you can’t do more, and in a few days you will notice that you will gain endurance and that it will be easier to do the exercises. And of course, do things that relax you: watch your favorite series, develop a hobby and especially, read!
It is the ideal time to read as much as possible, because this activity will keep your mind busy and you will not think about the unpleasant situation we are all going through. In addition, reading trains the brain and keeps it healthy. How can you not want to read every day? Not to mention that you can learn interesting things from any book, you can enrich your vocabulary and develop your imagination, at any age!
And if you don’t know what to read, we suggest you to order books from an online bookstore. They will be delivered as soon as possible and in the best conditions of hygiene. If you allow us, we want to recommend one of the most commented books of 2020: My children, by Guzel Yakhina. It is a book that appeared very recently and that we are sure you will appreciate. The author is known for the novel Zuleiha opens her eyes, an international bestseller.
The book is already enjoying enormous success in the countries where it has been released, and we can tell you that anyone recommends it to people who want a different kind of reading. The book presents the German colonies on the Volga and how they lived their everyday lives. It is about love, about difficulties and especially about how all obstacles can be overcome. The novel is a fiction that presents the love between two completely different people, which will defy unwritten rules and destinies. It is definitely one of the readings that will captivate you and keep you in suspense until you finish the book.
This book is written in the form of messages from beyond, which are repeated. At first, you may not understand its essence, but if you learn to read beyond words, you will discover what it really is. You will come to understand many things and be more grateful for your life and who you are. Put prejudices aside, misconceptions and everything you think is wrong. Learn to look at life with different eyes and start loving yourself for who you are and what you have achieved. Only then you’ll be able to become better, both with yourself and with the people around you!