What Happens To Your Skin When You Don’t Put On Makeup For A Day, A Week Or A Month

Have you ever wondered how to change your skin without makeup? Well, the effects of a pause in the application of cosmetics are felt even after a single day.
Here’s how to change your skin without makeup over time!After a day without makeup
Without makeup, your face skin can “breathe” deeper. This means, more precisely, that the pores are free and the skin can rebalance better on its own.Read More

“The skin behaves according to many elements: humidity, stress and other external factors,” explains Rachel Nazarian, dermatologist. When you wear constant makeup your skin will regulate its production of sebum and oils so that it can withstand the given conditions.
Although there will be no visible differences after a day without makeup, your skin will have a break to self-regulate better. But you should not give up the entire skin care routine.
Even if you no longer apply foundation, highlighter and eyeshadow continue to use moisturizer, serums and sunscreen. These skincare products, unlike makeup, penetrate the skin and do not block your pores.

After a week without makeup
After a seven-day break, the differences can make their presence felt. If you have had problems with acne, white or blackheads and rosacea before, they can be significantly reduced.
The explanation is simple: when you put on makeup often, the skin tends to secrete more oils. The pores are blocked by cosmetics and thus rashes appear on the skin.
After a week of not wearing makeup at all, your pores will be free and pimples or eczema will be less intense or even disappear completely.

After a month without makeup
If you resisted a month without putting on makeup, be prepared to enjoy even greater benefits. Complete cell regeneration takes 28 days, so you can expect your skin to look completely different.
Cosmetic substances interfere with the skin’s natural regeneration cycle, so it takes longer for the skin to refresh. Without makeup instead your skin will be able to carry out its natural processes, the right secretion of sebum, natural exfoliation and hydration.
Therefore, a month without makeup will be incredibly beneficial for your skin which will become fresher, cleaner and more balanced.