Why You Should Do Body Wraps

   Today, in the pursuit of beauty women resort to various methods of beautification. The method of wraping is well known among women because  it brings effective results in just a few weeks. Wraps are very effective for quick and healthy weight loss, detox, cellulite removal, alleviation and cure of stretch marks. Read More

   Wraping procedures will not help you if you will not take a proper diet, and here we should pay attention not only to the calories indicated on the packaging, but also to the quality of products we consume.

   Before treatment or body wrap you should not forget to do a scrub: : either you buy a commercially available cream or mix a tbs of hominy with a little olive oil and gently rub the body with this natural scrub.

Types of wraps:

  1. Moisturizers – made with a variety of ingredients and lotions.
  2. Detoxification – made with algae, clay, coffee or mud (these ingredients have the property to remove toxins from the body).
  3. Weight loss – usually made with small pieces of foil which are wraped very tight on the body
  4. Anticellulite – usually made with herbal remedies.

Wraps at home

Wrappings can be successfully done even at home. To do this you need:

-plastic wrap

-towels (for body wrapping and keeping optimal temperature)

-a natural scrub

-the lotion for wraping

-a big bottle of water (which you should consume before treatment)

-a moisturizer (which you can be applied on the body after completion of treatment)

   For the lotion you can use various ingredients depending on the needs and preferences (chocolate, seaweed, coffee, green tea, ginseng, cocoa, shea butter, etc.)

  Contraindications: pregnancy, menses, pathological changes, inflammation, fever, tumors, hypertension, sensitivity to heat, varicose veins, respiratory diseases and diabetes.